About us

Hi, I am George, I run Gamer Item Supply - I'm a passionate gamer and particularly love games with rich economies. After being a highly successful trader in Rocket League and Puzzle Pirates, I wanted to make the coolest, rarest and most un-accessible in-game items available to those who don't have the time to invest in trading.

We pride ourselves on having the cheapest prices, our 100% feedback record and super fast delivery.

Feel free to contact us at gamer.item.supply@gmail.com with any question you may have! On average we respond within 30 minute to 2 hours; we will always respond within 24 hours

Custom Requests: We also offer custom purchase requests if you are looking for a specific item we do not have for sale, we can source the item for you for a pre-agreed price!

Price Match Guarantee: if you find an item listed for cheaper, please contact us and we will match that price for you!

Our Registered Address:

Flat 1, 155, Earls Court Road, London, SW5 9RQ